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Canadian soundtrack LPs

Before we close this rather longsection, there are a few words to be said regarding the second country in North America and its soundtrack-releases: Canada! Although VERY little is known about Canadian soundtracks - Canada is sort of a white spot on the soundtrack-landscape - there is more to it than meets the eye! Up to now I have only assembled very few Canadian OST LPs, but all of them are first class! The rarest and up to now most beautiful score comes from the Canadian/French/German co-production "Le marriage parfait" aka "The perfect marriage". There is very little I can say regarding the movie itself, since I have not found any entries in the usual movie guides and since there is no mention whatsoever regarding director or actors on its cover, but the music, which was composed by Germans equal to Piero UMILIANI, Peter THOMAS, is first class all the way! A nice romantic score, full of cute ideas and musical twists, never getting boring or elevator-music-like, with a few nice beat tracks in between, must serve as a perfect musical supplement to this movie, which is most likely a romantic love story! Said to be sort of a private release, most copies do carry cut-out markings (see above). The label is "Polydor Special", but what "Special" means in that context is still unanswered; maybe that was the promo-line of Canadas Polydor label ...? Pressing quality is absolutely first rate and although there are rumours that a French pressing does exist, this rumor has no merits (= is wrong)! The Canadian release is the only one ever made! A pity, since this score would definitly deserve to be better known!

Probably the best-known Canadian OST LP is "L´initiation", issued in 1967 on the Canadian "London"(!")-label. Again, the music is the score from a Canadian/French co-production, but no LP-issue was ever manufactured in France! The music is first-class beat-jazz all the way through with a top vocal as main title (and instrumental versions in between the highly original other tracks)! Better known, since it is also shown in a Japanese soundtrack-book and the blax-website, it is already in quite high demand, although it is not as rare as above described "Marriage parfait". Most copies (including mine) carry a cut-out marking, too, and although I was lucky to find a sealed copy, it is worth mentioning, that the LP was not packaged inside an inner sleeve! Unfortunately the cover is not yet on this site, but will be part of the next cover-update in early 2003!

The same is true from start to finish for "Le diable aime les bijoux" (= The devil likes jeweleries"): most (all?) copies are cut-outs, the cover artwork is great, again a Canadian/French co-production from 1967, no other pressing was ever released and the music is highly original, but not as beaty as the score from "L´initiation"! A completely unknown gem (cover soon on this site)!!

"Viens, mon amour", however, is an extremely beaty-funky first class effort from a completely unknown composer, a score, which actually has a higher potential then the best-known Canadian one, "L´initiation"! The cover artwork is absolutely amazing and reflects the probably "stoned, acid filled atmosphere" of movie(-production?) and score! Again, a 1967 or ´68-production (great years, those ending 60ies!!), with no other release ever manufactured and most copies having cut-out marks! Maybe the best Canadian score ever ...

Another completely forgotten score was composed for the equally lost-to-oblivion movie "La corde au cou", a Jupiter-label release (# 7002; I wonder what was issued on # 7001 ... any info?), from the late 60ies again. A nice score and certainly worth the usual amount charged, but not really in the beat vain ... Still, grab it should you get a chance! Great cover artwork, too!

Last but certainly not least, "The minx", which has been "issued" in the USA as a private/promotional release on the "Amsterdam"(?!)-label (and recently re-issued as bootleg!), received a commercial, but even scarcer release on the Canadian Polydor-label with same contents and same cover-artwork. If a copy of this pressing can be found, it is usually in better conditoion than its US-counterpart ... (which has recently been bootlegged, by the way, making the original difficult to distinguish from the boot).

Regarding production values, all the above items are prime quality stuff: without any exception, the pressing quality is immaculate (although it is very difficult to find any mint copies, that is why this top pressing quality can unfortunately not be enjoyed in most cases) and the covers, which are not laminated, were manufactured from the usual strong 60ies cardboard. All the cover artworks were really thoughtful assembled and are still great eye-catchers! Top stuff from a soundtrack-wise unknown part of this world ...!!

Well, enough written! Enjoy and let the covers attract your immagination! And if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!! However, regarding the Canadian section I may well be able to learn more from you than I can supply info due to my truly limited knowledge on the really obscure Canadian-releases.

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request):

Polydor Special:  Le marriage parfait/Perfect marriage (Peter Thomas), M-/M-   
xxx:              Le diable aime les bijoux  (xxx),                    M/M   
Please note: of all the listed items I have only one spare copy available; wants-lists welcomed (trade preferred!). WANTED: Love is a four letter word (GAP LP, English or French version) Rumour has it, that - aside from the 4-scores-compilation LP by Cosineau - 2 more LPs, each containign one score by Cosineau, have been issued on the GAP-label ... if such an LP shows up, I will pay well for it ...

Le marriage parfait (= The perfect marriage)  Polydor Special 212.217  197  Thomas 
The minx  Polydor xxxx  1969  Crycle 
La corde au cou (= Rope around the neck)  Jupiter JDY-7002  1965  Cosineau 
Le diable aime les bijoux  Jupiter xxx-11020  196  xxx 
Un amour de pluie (= Loving in the rain = Male d´amore = Sommerliebelei)  Gamma GS-187  1973  Lai 
Foxy Lady  xx 9230-1009  197   
My pleasure is my business (= Die heisseste Frau der Welt)  xxx  1975  Cochrane 
Cannabis (= Cannabis - Engel der Gewalt = French Intrigue = The mafia wants your blood = New York parigi per una condanna a morte)  Bagatelle BAS 602  1970  Gainsbourg 
Love in a 4 letter world (= Viensmon amour = Sex isn´t sin)  GAP APSE 1051  1970  Baillargeon 
Viensmon amour (= Love in a 4 letter world = Sex isn´t sin)  GAP Records APS 2051  1970  Baillargeon 
Loving and laughing (= N´y a pas de trou á percer = The hippie girls = The importance of being sexy)  GAP APSE 1052  1971  Baillargeon 
N´y a pas de trou á percer (= Loving and laughing = The hippie girls = The importance of being sexy)  GAP APSE 2052  1971  Baillargeon 
Les plus belles musiques de Cosineau  GAP APSE 2053  197x  Cosineau 
Winter Equinox  xxx  197x  Dragon 
L´initiation (= Here and now = Initiation)  INN 5000  1970  Cosineau 
Après-ski (= Sex in the snow = Snowballin´ = Winter games)  Trans-Canada TSF xxxx  1971  Crevier 
Cain  Dinamic xxx  1965  Cosineau 
Tiens-toi bien après les oreilles à Papa ...  Trans-Canada TC xxx  1971  Dominique 
L´explosion (= Sex Explosion = The hideout = L´uomo di Marsiglia)  Select xxx  1971  Salvador 
The silent partner  xxx  197x  Peterson 

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