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THE Italian soundtrack-label. Issued hundreds of TOP Italian scores on vinyl from the early 60ies on (Italian´s Varese, so to say …) and is now on the CD-trip! Go to “Cam-jazz” to find their marvellous (but few) JAZZ links!!!
Italian soundtrack label issuing great Italian OST music as well on vinyl as on CD (prime stuff, great artwork, limited releases; contact: Prof. Roberto ZAMORI; tell him you found him through my site; smile!)
Site of the following labels (!): RCA OST CDs, Screentrax CDs, Point CDs, Legend CDs. Worth checking!!
Another great label, in fact one of the most natable labels in Italy, existing from the 60ies onwards. Released tons of great vinyla nd is now in the CD-business! Check it!
Another one! Top CD releases in cardboard covers! COOL!!
Top CD-releases from Umiliani-, Piccioni- etc scores!!
Small German label issuing great German OST stuff! Nice site and nice owner (Mr. Knut Räppold)!!!
Small independent US-based label (monster movie music!) run by one of the NICEST persons in this field! Give him greetings from me!
Another just recently founded highly active ITALIAN vinyl-label, which site DEFINITLY deserves a visit and placing an order for their GREAT (and limited to 1000 copies) LP-releases!!!

Fanzines and fan-sites:
THE site of THE film-music magazine! This site has the MOST INCREDIBLE link-collection I have ever seen (don´t count hours, count DAYS if checking this out!!!)
Marvellous! Nearly complete – as far as I know – collection of blaxploitation cinema with a heavy dose of soundtrack info (some of them I have still missing in my collection ...; smile).
another blaxploitation site! Nice!!
another AMAZING link-collection! Search the world from your desk (smile)!
and more ...
Breathtaking complete site when it comes to existing CD releases. Check this, you won´t be disappointed (layout could be better). Based on INFO-contributions from fellow-collectors!!
TOP Italian funk-site!”!
Nice site mainly devoted to recent and not-so-recent soundtrack CD-releases with the possibility to listen to some tracks here and there. Recommended!

Cinema related sites:
Original Movie posters for Classic, Arthouse and Horror/SF cinema.
I am not really knowledgeable on posters, but this site's simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 1000s (!!) of posters of all genres, mainly from the 60ies upwards. You can spend hours there just clicking through the wonderful poster-art - appetizing!!

LP dealers:
Very good site (and everything is easy to find!!) from THE Brazilian record specialist: DIASPORA RECORDS. Also has some really nice OST LPs from time to time. Check it, it is worth your attention!
Might have some nice OST LP from time to time so check the site here and there

Great new French funk-site, made by collectors for collectors! Great layout, too!

CD dealers:
One of world´s leading CD dealers!
Definitly one of THE OST CD-sellers! Incredibly prompt and nice servive (my # 1 together with Intrada!!)
Cool OST-site
Another cool OST-site
Your bridge to the italian lounge world.

Composer fan-sites:
Why not? Tastes are different and some people LOVE Guido e Maurizio DeAngelis!!!
With a non-working link to the BUD SPENCER/T. HILL-site, which is HIGHLY recommended!!!
Great fifth continent site for those of you, who want to discover what this part of the world has to offer as far as soundtrack-releases are concerned!
FANTASTIC German site of Germans best-known soundtrack-composer, the man who composed the music for Winnetou: MARTIN BOETTCHER!!

Movie sites:

Internet Movie Database (kurz IMDB):

for Italian movies, please check:

for French movies, please check:

and for movies from the 1970ies:

and last but not least:

Actor fan-sites (alphabetically):

Isabelle Adjani:

Brigitte Bardot:

Jean-Paul Belmondo:

Juliette Binoche:


Mireille Darc:

TWO Louis De Funès sites:

Alain Delon:

Catherine Deneuve:

Gerard Depardieu:

Patrick Dewaere:


Jean Gabin:

THREE Terence Hill/Bud Spencer sites:

Isabelle Huppert:

Gina Lollobrigida:

Jean Marais:

Yves Montand:

Jeanne Moreau:

Philippe Noiret:

TWO Michel Piccoli sites:

Romy Schneider:

TWO Simone Signoret sites:

FOUR Bud Spencer/Terence Hill sites:

TWO Lino Ventura sites:
far better:


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