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La serie RCA OLS

Italian Version

Overlapping with and after the the end of the KOLS-series, RCA decided to drop the "K" and go on with the shorter "OLS"-prefix (would there have been a 3rd series, they could have called it "LS" and then - for the next one - simply "S"... smile). Again, also this series was a short-time project and produced only another dozen or so releases with the highes known number beeing a Piccioni-score on OLS 20. However, I am 99,99% sure that not all numbers saw the light of day, since this series´ issues are not that rare that they would be unfindable. Simply judging from the fact, that quite a couple of numbers from this series have never ever shown up on any sales/trade-lists one can draw the safe conclusion, that these numbers were left soundtrack-void (either counting problems in the early 70ies at time, when C.A.M. had finally matured to faulless counting or other non-OST waxings were released with these numbers ... in fact OLS 2 is such a non-soundtrack jazz-recording; and indeed a very rare and great one!).

Aside from OLS # 1 (and # 2, a non-OST jazz LP), which still feature the same production values as the KOLS-series (maybe they were manufactured before the KOLS-series was terminated ...), all items released as part of this series were manufactured on slightly less heavy vinyl and protected inside softer not-laminated cardboard covers, which soon entailed the usualy "ringwear"-problems if stored to tightly.

Nevertheless, the scores issued as part of this series are worth listing to and conrtain either some "mondo"-stuff like the "Decamerone nero"-LP or the easy listening beat/jazz-music common those days. Nice to add to every Italian soundtrack-collection!

If you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request): Sorry, no spare copies available right now!

La ragazza con la pistola  RCA OLS 1  196  DeLuca 
Stereo Konitz (NST)  RCA OLS 2  196  Konitz 
Il decamerone nero  RCA OLS x  197  Michelini 
... continuavano a chiamarolo Trinita  RCA OLS 9  1971  DeAngelis 
Bello onesto emigrato Australia sposerebbe compaesana illibata  RCA OLS 11  197  Piccioni 
Anastasia mio fratello ovvero il presunto capo dell┬┤anonima assassini  RCA OLS 20  197  Piccioni 
La dolce vita (F/O) - front cover  RCA RAL 7  195x  Rota 
La dolce vita (F/O) - inside 1  RCA RAL 7  195x  Rota 
La dolce vita (F/O) - inside 2  RCA RAL 7  195x  Rota 
La dolce vita (F/O) - back cover  RCA RAL 7  195x  Rota 
Il federale (EP)  RCA xxx  196  Morricone 
Le bambole/I complessi  RCA xxx  196   
Controluce (NST jazz LP)  RCA KLVP xxx  196  Trovajoli 
Gian Burrasca (NST)  RCA PML 10380  196  songs 

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