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German soundtrack LPs

Speaking of soundtrack-releases, Germany is in fact a VERY interesting country! Not many soundtracks LPs (but also about a dozen of highly collectible EPs) were released in Germany in the years relevant to this site (= beginning of the LP format until mid-70ies), but whereas for example only some US-ones are collectible and most Italian ones, ALL German ones are very, very rare and of highest collectors value!

The best-known German soundtrack LPs are certainly the ones from the German Winnetou Euro-western-series, scored by Germanys answer to Herny Mancini, Martin BÖTTCHER! Five original LPs have been released, each of the first three coupling two Winnetou-western scores on one LP! The later two contain one score each and are - for reasons unknown to me - even harder to find than the first three! Pressing quality is first rate, all items from LP # 2 on are in Stereo (which is highly noticeable, since these LPs were pressed in the mid-60ies!), the nice cover artwork follows the distinctive pattern of a series and the only drawback is that they were manufactured from softer cardboard than was usual those days, but luckily they were laminated! The music is absolutely top-notch western entertainment, very much scored like US-productions of the same time, but with even more melody. If you like Elmer Bernsteins western scores from the 60ies, you will love these, too! Since the music was and still is very popular (these movies have some cult-reputation; there are Karly May-exhibts and -meetings held every once in a while!), there are also a couple of compilations existing, and the music was re-pressed several times: when vinyl was still king for everybody (and not only for the few remaining conaisseurs!), the first LP was repressed, this time in stereo, but with a less appealing cover artwork, and a 2LP-set was manufactured combining the music from four Winnetou-movies. When the CD-format was trashed on us by a music-industry trying to reduce their production-costs and at the same time trying and for a not-so-long time succeeding in rising their profits (which has backlashd - smile!), the Winnetou-scores were among the first ones, which received at CD-re-release in the beginning 90ies: Five nowadays out-of-print CDs with nice booklets and a few additional tracks were released and last year the "real thing" (if you like BIG CD-boxes) followed: a multiple CD-box with even more additional tracks and also the Telefunken Karl May-scores added plus a heavy, LP-size, 100+ pages-book with an incredible assembly of stills and poster-artwork was issued by the always reliable Bear Family-label! Not cheap, but definitly worth the price and a sure collectible in a few years (most have cost a fortune to assemble all these memorabila, and producing this box was definitly not a cheap thing, either)!!

But the above mentioned five LPs containing Martin BÖTTCHERs Winnetou-scores are not the only musical remains from Karl May-movies: when the 60ies neared its end and the popularity of Karl May-movies was in a decline already, four more movies based on Karl May novellas were shot (the two scored by Erwin Halletz were shot even simultanously!), three of them receiving a coupled LP-issue on two individual pressings released by the German Telefunken-label, one combined with Peter Thomas great score for "The last mohican", based on the same-name novel by James Fenimore Cooper. Manufactured in an incredible small print-run, receiving hardly any distribution at all, these two LPs vanished form Germanys surface faster than they could be bought by daring youngsters, who adored these kind of adventure movies. Top pressing quality combined with very appealing artwork, printed on extremely soft and not-laminated "cardboard" (paper is more like it ...), the covers were definitly not made for longlivety! Since the few who were lucky to get their copy, also liked the music a lot (should you have a chance to catch one of these movies or CD-releases some day, you will know why ...), many copies are "well-played", too ... Definitly something to be on the lookout for ... years ..., but thanks to todays CD-format all the music (and more) from these four movies is already available on CD. However, since (most) collectors are never happy with what they have, it should be noted that the score from the "Durch´s wilde Kurdistan"-Karl May follow-up-effort "Der Schatz des silbernen Löwen" is not yet available ... (this is the fourth movie I was referring to above). And a PS: Peter Tomas Karl May-score for "Thunder at the borderline" (aka "Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand" in Germany) was only released on CD in the early 90ies and is already a rather tough one to locate.

Aside from these Euro-western efforts (in fact most of the above were co-productions involving Italian talent!), crime movies were very popular in Germany in the 60ies: I just say "Edgar Wallace" ...! Although it would be highly interesting and is in fact a mystery, why scores from Edgar Wallace-movies were NEVER originally issued on LP (the only LP-pressing I know of is an 80ies Celine-label compilation-LP ...), quite a couple of other crime-movies did receive an accompaning soundtrack LP-release, ALL of them being TOP-crime-jazz scores and very tough to find. The musically most interesting two LPs do come from Germanys equal to Piero Umiliani, Peter THOMAS, who scored all the movies from the so-called "Jerry Cotton-series", starring Georg Nader (who died not that long ago) as FBI-Agent Jerry Cotton (Germanys answer to James Bond, by the way). Two LPs containing music from five entries of this series were released, the first one (not yet shown on this site) being "SCHÜSSE AUS DEM GEIGENKASTEN", featuring Peter Thomas´ higly original jazz-music from the first entry of this series, combined with movie-dialogue in between the musical tracks (like the Japanese and English "Get carter"-releases!). Since this LP seems not to have been very popular those days (well, technical equipment to cut out the dialogue was not that common then ...), the follow-up LP from a few years later was a compilation LP containing music from the first five entries of the series including some tracks from "Schüsse aus dem Geigenkasten". It was named "FBI-Man Jerry Cotton" and its cover is shown on this site! Both LPs were issued by the German Polydor-label and share the same production values as the above discussed five Winnetou-releases. The cover artwork is VERY appealing (laminated b/w in the case of "Schüsse ..."), both LPs running times exceed 40 minutes and both are top-collectibles among the not-that-few Jerry Cotton fans still among us today (for those who are not lucky to locate one or both of the near-to-impossible to find LP-releases, the German CD-label Crippled Dick Hot Wax (what a name!) did issue a 2CD-set a few years back, combining both LPs´ tracks; this set contains extensive liner notes and is a must-have, at least in my humble opinion). Since the Jerry Cotton movie-series´ box-office success was already in decline when the second LP was released, no further vinyls followed.

Although the above discussed Jerry Cotton movies were certainly (and still are!) the most successful German crime-thrillers, there were others in the same vein and luckily they did receive a soundtrack-LP-release in some cases: "NEGRESCO" is certainly one of Klaus DOLDINGERs most noteworty efforts, his first soundtrack ever issued and a highly original jazz/beat/funk-score, music not to be heard in Germays theatres until 1967! A top collectible with eye-popping cover artwork! Same production values as the Polydor-releases (top pressing quality on the Liberty-label, cover laminated and on softer cardboard). By the way, the music is so wild and loud, that even a VG-surface should play without any audible moise!

The next one in the crime/thriller-line is a F/O-LP featuring the score from the German/Italian/French co-produced Anthony Perkins/Sophia Loren-flick "Five miles to midnight", so-so directed by craftsman Anatole Litvak in 1966! A real heavy one to locate, this limited print was issued by UA with a breathtaking cover artwork, containg some 40 minutes of music presented in two suites, presumably to promote the movie in Germany. Composed by two top-(jazz-)composers of the era, Mikis Theodorakis of "Alexis Sorbas"-fame and Jaques Loussier, well known for his Louis DeFunes-scores, this nice outing is one that would definily deserve a re-issue (at least on CD ...). Top pressing quality and - as said - great cover artwork, unfortunately on very soft, not laminated "cardboard", make this a tough one to find in nice condition. Actually this item is part of a small series, issued in Germany those days, the other two being equally tough to locate, but not as valuable, since also availabe in other prints: Miklos ROZSAs great effort for "The V.I.P.s" aka "Hotel International" in Germany, and Bernsteins "To kill a mockingbirdd" (soon on this site) aka "Wenn die Nachtigal singt" in Germany. Both feature the same production values as "Five miles...", notably a great fold-out cover!!

Further crime jazz-LPs deserving recommendation are of course Peter Thomas´ 1966-effort "PLAYGIRL" on Polydor, the only Polydor OST-LP-release featuring a cover made from real thick cardboard, a mind-blowing score, incompletely re-issued on a nowadays top rare Peter Thomas 2CD-set from the early 90ies (it contains only the Peter Thomas-tracks, but not the equally enjoyable tracks from his collaborators), closely matched by Bert KAEMPFERTs same-era crime-jazz score for "90 Minuten nach Mitternacht" (= "90 minutes after midnight"), already out on CD by Bear Family (high buying recommendation!), and Germanys Decca-LP-release of "A man could get killed" by the same composer (same artwork as US-pressing on thin not-laminated cardboard, but better pressing quality than the much easier to find US LP). Two more items, which certainly deserve to be mentioned, are the two crime-jazz compilation LPs, "Das Kriminalmagazin" und "Das Kriminalmuseum", issued in the second half of the 60ies and being in heavy demand due to a couple of otherwise unavailable tracks, featuring incredible beat, funk and jazz tunes from various movie and TV-productions from Germanys golden movie-decade!

Last but not least, two more "goodies" from the 60ies deserve to be mentioned: Dusan RADICs highly acclaimed score for the European co-production "Dschinghis Khan" received its worldwide only authentic soundtrack-release on Germanys Liberty-label (again solely for promotinal reasons). Please note that the easily available US-release (also on Liberty) does not contain authentic tracks from the score, but tracks solely recorded for this US-release, conducted by the ever-reliable Muir Mathison (being very faithful to the original, but re-do is re-do ..). The second LP I´d like to put forward in this closing paragraph regarding Germanys 60ies OST-LPs is a real oddity: again on the Liberty-label (liberty Minit!?), Karl BATHELs (Karl-who?) score for the youth-education-flick (yes, that is what Germanys mondo-offspring-movies could be called; just compare "Wunder der Liebe", of which a dialogue LP was made available, and the "Housewife reports" ...!) "Helga and Michael" is a beautiful score with lots of beat in-between, that should really have received a wider distribution. This odd-pressing ranks among the impossible-to-find ones ...

Before finally closing this again rather long introductory statement, two German "societies" do deserve to be mentioned: the MSMS and the MRMS! The Max Steiner Music Society, an off-spring of the US-"headquater", issued a total of 14 (!) LPs in the 80ies, containing numerous scores by Vienna-born golden age-composer Max Steiner, featuring up to then unavailable scores in good pressing quality, but with its share of hiss and surface noise due to the age of the master acetates! Great original poster-reproductions as artwork on soft, but laminated cardboards supplement a really nice presentation for items, that were manufactured in as low a print run as 100 copies! Among the series are three 2-LP-sets and starting point was a up-to-then as complete as possible 3-LP-waxing of Steiners ever-lasting masterpiece "Gone with the wind" aka "Vom Winde verweht" in Germany. This is one I still would need to add to my collection ... The second society is also an offspring of an US-"headquater", the Miklos Rosza Musical Society, which issued - at least two my knowledge - only one item, a 3-LP-set featuring mostly music from "Quo Vadis", again in a minuscule 100 copies print-"run".

Again, more than enough has been said in the above very long "introductory" statement (congrat´s to everybody who read this in one row). Hope you enjoy and let the covers attract your immagination! And if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request):

Polydor 237.422:     Winnetou II/Unter Geiern         (Martin Böttcher), NM/EX   
Telefunken BLE 14367-P: Der Schatz der Azteken/Die Pyramide des Sonnengottes 
                        (Erwin Halletz)                                 M/M
MGM 80001 Hi-Fi:     Hotel International (= The VIPs)  (Miklos Rozsa), M-/M-   
Amiga B 55.655:      Das unsichtbare Visier          (Walter Kubiczek)   M-/M-   
Amiga B      Heisse Spur                     (Walter Kubiczek)   M-/M-
Selected Sound 126:  Der Puppenspieler               (Philippe Sarde)    M/M   
MGM 665 047:         The yellow Rolls-Royce          (Riz Ortolani)      M/M
Bertelsmann 8093:    Ohne Dich wird es Nacht/Weg ohne Umkehr 
                                                  (Hans-Martin Majewski) M/M
xxx:                 Freddy und das Lied der Prärie (Polydor HiFi 46789) NM/NM                                               
Please note: of all the listed items I have only one spare copy available; wants-lists welcomed (trade preferred!).
WANTED: Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe (Gert Wilden, EP), International INEP 408
       Five miles to midnight (Theodorakis/Loussier on UA F/O LP)
       Sonntags ... nie (Manos Hadjidakis, German LP)

Winnetou I/Der Schatz im Silbersee  Polydor 46.838  1963  Böttcher 
Winnetou II/Unter Geiern  Polydor 237.422  1964  Böttcher 
Winnetou III/Der Ölprinz  Polydor 237.494  1964  Böttcher 
Winnetou und das Halblut Apanatschi  Polydor 249.083  1967  Böttcher 
Winnetou und Old Shatterhand im Tal der Toten  Polydor 249.288  1968  Böttcher 
Winnetou I/Der Schatz im Silbersee (re-i)  Polydor 2416.212  197  Böttcher 
Winnetou 2LP-set  Karussell 2652.007  1968  Böttcher 
Winnetou 2LP-set (back cover)  Karussell 2652.007  1968  Böttcher 
Winnetou Melodie (sampler)  Telefunken SLE 14420-P  1967  Böttcher 
Old Shatterhand  Celine CLSP 5001-X  1985  Ortolani 
Der Schatz der Azteken/Die Pyramide des Sonnengottes  Telefunken BLE 14367-P  1965  Halletz 
Durch's wilde Kurdistan/Der letzte Mohikaner  Telefunken SLE 14390-P  1965  Thomas 
Five miles to midnight (F/O)  UA 009.014  1962  Loussier 
Five miles to midnight (F/O) - back cover  UA 009.014  1962  Loussier 
To kill a mockingbird (F/O)  MGM 009015  196  Bernstein 
To kill a mockinbird (F/O) - back cover  MGM 009015  196x  Bernstei 
Das Kriminalmagazin (sampler)  Polydor 249.120  1967  Halletz 
Das Kriminalmuseum (sampler)  Intercord 989-08 MB  196  Jarczyk 
Negresco - eine tödliche Affaire  Liberty LBS 83095 I  196  Doldinger 
Gone with the wind (3LP-set)  MSMS 1/2/3  198  Steiner 
The flame and the arrow  MSMS 4  1988  Steiner 
Dodge City/Silver River  MSMS 5  1992  Steiner 
The searchers (2LP-set)  MSMS 6/7  1992  Steiner 
Casablanca/So big  MSMS 8  1993  Steiner 
Distant drums/Since you went away (2LP-set)  MSMS 9/10  1993  Steiner 
Helen of Troy/Now voyager  MSMS 11  1994  Steiner 
Gone with the wind (2LP-set)  MSMS 12/13  1994  Steiner 
Rocky Mountain/Virginia City  MSMS 14  1994  Steiner 
Playgirl  Philips 843903 PY  1966/06  Thomas 
Dschingis Khan  EMI Liberty SML 83908  1965  Radic 
Sierra Charriba  CBS S 62525  1964  Amfitheatrof 
Onkel Tom's Hütte (F/O)  Philips 843.726 PY  1965  Thomas 
Hotel International (aka The VIPs) (F/O)  MGM 80001 Hi-Fi  1966  Rozsa 
Helga und Michael  Liberty Minit LMS 83.201 M  1968  Barthel 
James Bond sampler (first 3 movies)  UA 669.122  1964  Barry 
A man could get killed  Decca SLK 86012-P  1966  Kaempfert 
Das Wunder der Liebe  Telefunken SLE 14900-P  196  Böttcher 
The mercinary  UAS 29.005 I  1968  Morricone 
Quo vadis (3LP-set)  MRMS 1/2/3  198  Rozsa 
Schüsse aus dem Geigenkasten  Polydor 237.493  196  Thomas 
FBI-Man Jerry Cotton (sampler)  Polydor 249.145  1968  Thomas 
Das unsichtbare Visier  Amiga B 855.655  1979  Kubiczek 
Heisse Spur  Amiga 856 048  1984  Kubiczek 
Engelchen  Coronet Special CS 16011  196   
Engelchen macht weiter hoppe-hoppe Reiter  Coronet 15030  196  Improved Sound Ltd. 
Fyling Clipper - Traumreise unter weissen Segeln  Decca BLK 16 239-P  196  Ortolani 
Ein Sommer voller Zährtlichkeit (aka The sun in your skin)  RCA Victor LSO 10363  197  xxx 
Der Puppenspieler (aka Le guignolo)  Selected Sound 126  197  Sarde 
Heimweh nach St. Pauli (F/O)  Polydor 48008 Hi-Fi  195x   
...denn keiner ist ohne Schuld  CBS S 62664  196x  Faith 
Freddy und das Lied der Prärie  Polydor 46789 Hi-Fi  196x   
Neunzig Minuten nach Mitternacht  Polydor 46.581 Hi-Fi  196  Kaempfert 
To kill a mockinbird - back cover  MGM 009015  196x  Bernstei 
Ohne Dich wird es Nacht/Weg ohne Umkehr  Bertelsmann 8093  195x  Majewski 
L´ultimo paradiso - Das letzte Paradies  Polydor 46055 LPHM  195x  Lavagnino 
Regina Maris  Metronome KMLP 306  196x  Heider 
Der Reigen  Telefunken xxx  196x  Magne 
The yellow Rolls-Royce  MGM 665047  196x  Ortolani 
Trixis Wunderland  EMI C061-04718  197x   
Rendezvous at Corfu  Metronome MEP 6029  196x  Hadjidakis 
Traumland der Sehnsucht  Fontana 466 022 TE  196x   
Montpi die schöne Lügnerin  Ariola  19xx  Böttcher 
Mondo Cane  International IN. 70001  1964  Ortolani 
Alle Frauen dieser Welt  International IN. 70002  1964  Ortolani 
Achteinhalb  International IN. 70003  1964  Rota 
Chingachgook (half LP)  Amiga 850130  196x  xxx 
Die Söhne der großen Bärin (half LP)  Amiga 850130  196x  xxx 
Der Circus  UA xxx  197x  xxx 
Teenager Love  Fontana xxx  196x  x 
Moby Dick  RCA LPM-1247-C  195x  Sainton 
Sonntags...nie  Heliodor 474 010  196x  Hadjidakis 
Raumpatrouille (F/O) - front cover  Philips 843 796 PY  196x  Thomas 
Raumpatrouille (F/O) - inside 1  Philips 843 796 PY  196x  Thomas 
Raumpatrouille (F/O) - inside 2  Philips 843 796 PY  196x  Thomas 
Raumpatrouille (F/O) - back cover  Philips 843 796 PY  196x  Thomas 
Irma la Douce - front cover (F/O)  UA 270.001  196x  Previn 
Irma la Douce - inside 2 (F/O)  UA 270.001  196x  Previn 
Irma la Douce - back cover (F/O)  UA 270.001  196x  Previn 
Winnetou II/Unter Geiern (10"" LP)  Polydor Sonderauflage J 74559  196x  Boettcher 
Doldinger in Südamerika (NST!)  Philips xxx  196x  Doldinger 
48 Stunden bis Acapulco  Liberty xxx  197x  Kovac 
Mental Cruelty - Seelische Grausamkeit (10"")  Decca LP 1612  196x  Gruntz 
Psychedelic Dance Party  Mercury International xxx  197x  Vampires Sound Incorporation 
Katz´ und Maus  SABA xxx  196x  xxx 
The outsiders  xxx 6018  196x  Netzle 
Quartett im Bett  xxx  197x  xxx 
Scarabea (EP)  Inmus xxx  196x  xxx 
Die Liebesmaschine/The Love Machine  xxx  197x   

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