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The Gemelli 10.000-series

Founding an own label to promote ones own compositions was obviously very much "en vogue" in the 1960ies in Italian cinema, since not only Bixio "the elder" and "the younger" had their own CineVox-label, Piero UMILIANI (my musical GOD, if I may say so) founded and owned LIUTO, OMICRON and SOUND WORK SHOP (three labels!!!) and resurrected LIUTO for 6 CDs in the earlier 90ies, Alessandro Alessandroni founded the SERMI-label for his pet-projects, and Gianni Marchetti is said to have been behind the ARIS-label, but also Bruno Nicolai (and Fiorenzo Carpi?) founded his/their own labels! Yes, "labels", because he was/they were not content with just one, he/they had in fact two: GEMELLI and MPS (in fact I am not sure if CARPI also "owned" parts of these labels or if "only" lots of his compositions were issued on them). All these labels were founded either in the late 60ies or early 70ies and lasted as long as the composer(s) composed or lived. GEMELLI was actually founded - like Alessandronis SERMI-label - in the second half of the 60ies, whereas MPS started operations in the early 70ies. GEMELLI is still existing, since after Nicolais death his daughter (as far as I know) decided to issue (up to now) four CDs containing some of his most important recordings (one per CD) to be rescued into the times of the CD-format ...

All these labels are also so-called "library labels", having issued a fair share of "library LPs" (actually MPS issued only such recordings), meaning that the music issued on many of these discs does in fact come from movies, but was intended for re-use in commercials or documentaries or other movies, and for that purpose (and to not indicate or limit its potential use), do NOT mention from which movie(s) the issued tracks were taken, making it nowadays near to impossible to identify the original use of these tracks (which were probably also re-edited for the library releases ..). Regarding the GEMELLI-series, the LPs Espressioni, Phatos bellico, Girasole, Sei composizioni and a few more are such "library LPs".

The laminated covers were manufactured by using strong cardboard like RCA Italiana and CineVox, the pressing quality leaves nothing to be desired on ALL(!) recordings and the cover artwork is quite simplicistic but highly effective with some eye-catchers in-between. These are the kind of recordings collectors of Italian soundtracks start to turn to, when they´ve found nearly everything else ... (smile). They´re all quite tough to find (500 copies released, you guessed it correct), but not yet command as high prices as many of the better known C.A.M., RCA and CineVox-releases ... but that´s just a question of time, since demand does indeed increase, "thanks" to better knowledge of these items ... All the above said is also 100% true for Alessandronis SERMI-label, which is even a little lesser known!!

So enjoy, and if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request):

GG-ST 10.016: Pathos bellico              (various),        M-/M   
Please note: of all the listed items I have only one spare copy available; wants-lists welcomed (trade preferred!). WANTED: missing #s from this series!

La battaglia del deserto  Gemelli GG-ST 10.001  197  Nicolai 
Zenabel  Gemelli GG-ST 10.002  197  Nicolai 
Geminus (TV)  Gemelli GG-ST 10.003  196  Nicolai 
Paolo & Francesca  Gemelli GG-ST 10.004  197  Nicolai 
Thomas  Gemelli GG-ST 10.00x  197  xxx 
Ecuba  Gemelli GG-ST A 10.009  196  Nicolai 
Un bianco vestito per marialé  Gemelli GG-ST 10.00.  196  Carpi 
Insight modulation  Gemelli GG-ST 10.011  196  Zanagoria 
L´alpin lé sempre quel  Gemelli GG-ST 10.012  196  Nicolai 
Justine  Gemelli GG-ST 10.013  196  Nicolai 
Tutti colori del buio  Gemelli GG-ST 10.014  1972  Nicolai 
Pathos bellico  Gemelli GG-ST 10.016  196  Bacalov 
Chi la vista morire  Gemelli GG. ST. 10.017  196  Morricone 
Liber Organum  Gemelli GG. ST. 10.018  196  Nicolai 
Controfase  Gemelli GG. ST. 10.019  196  Morricone 
Espressioni  Gemelli GG-ST 10.020  1973  Nicolai 
L´onorata famiglia - uccidere e' Cosa Nostra  Gemelli GG-ST 10.022  1973  Nicolai 
Marquis de Sade´s ""philosophy in the boudoir  Gemelli GG-ST 10.024  1974  Nicolai 
Girasole  Gemelli GG-ST 10.00.  196  Nicolai 
Canossa  Gemelli GG-ST 10.00.  196  Nicolai 
Eleonora (TV)  Gemelli GG-ST 10.028  197  Nicolai 
To Buster Keaton (2LP-set F/O)  Gemelli GG-ST 10.029-10.030  197  Macchi 
Voix  Gemelli GG-ST 10.031  197  Macchi 
Café Mozart  Gemelli GG-ST 10.033  1975   
Rendez-vous  Gemelli GG-ST 10.03.  197  Nicolai 
Sei composizioni  Gemelli GG-ST 10.036  197  Macchi 
Contemporanea  Gemelli GG-ST 10.037  197  Macchi 

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