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The C.A.M. SAG 9000-series

Launched the same year as the C.A.M. MAG 10.000-series, the C.A.M. SAG 9000-series was by far the longest living soundtrack-series issued of the C.A.M.-label. With its first release issued in 1967, the C.A.M. SAG 9000-series lasted as long as the LP-format itself: well into the 80ies. The amount of scores issued far outnumbers the ones issued in the Cms.-series and well exceeds 100 recordings. As with the MAG-series, C.A.M. had majored in counting and no catalogue #s in this series was left void (only "Concerto per una pistola solista" was not commercially released, but copies with the plain standard C.A.M.-cover were manufactured and received a VERY limited distribution!). Except this one, all issues were commercially available and - in its very first years - they had the price printed on the cover itself, which was "Lit. 1900 + tasse", which meant 1900 Lire + tax (app. 12 to 15 $/E). By the way, the same is true for a couple of LPs from the MAG-series (and also some from RCA Italiana, which were already much more expensive in the early 1960ies: Lit. 2900 + tax!)!

As far as pressing quality and artwork are concerned, they feature the usual to-be-expected TOP quality, only on a few occasions there are some shifts in loudness and regarding the speaker the music comes from in the very first stereo-pressings, but they are not very noticeable and do not detract from the listening pleasure unless one commonly listens with earphones and full concentration (that´s how I "fell" over these little imperfections - one is in the EMANUELLE LP by Ferrio, for example). Regarding artwork it has to be mentioned that C.A.M. went back to its more simplicistic style of the earlier Cms.-series and that the elaborate cover "compositions" became past, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the striking colours and matter-of-fact artworks nevertheless served its purpose to attract attention from potential buyers and are great to look at (especially today, were visual artwork on CD-covers is in fact a matter of impossibility ...).

All these recordings are highly collectible, especially the many Italo-western waxings and the funky stuff composed by the two Giannis (Ferrio & Marchetti), which are fetching high prices on the collector´s market. Therefore, the most sought-after LPs are the Italo-western recordings (of which "Corri, uomo, corri" seems to have had a re-print, since I once had a copy with another release month!) and the funk & scat (wordless female voices) LPs, which are, aside from the already mentioned ones, e.g. "Operazione San Pietro", "The penthouse", "Top Sensation/L´altra faccia del Peccato", "Lesbo", "Femina ridens", "Gli angeli del 2.000" and "Candy". Also worth noting is the nearly complete absence of Ennio Morricone-compositions among the early releases in this series. Only two of the first app. 50 LPs do feature Ennio Morricone-scores, of which the later one, "Quando le donne avevano la coda", is definitly the (much) more difficult one to find (don´t ask me why).

Again, enjoy and let the covers attract your immagination! And if you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible, plan to collect them and want to put them into a FAQ-section (which is planned for 2003!). The same goes of course, if you have any info or items for sale or trade available!!

AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request):

SAG 9005: Rainbow (aka Spara Gringo Spara), (Sante Maria Romitelli), M-/MT   
SAG 9009: VIP - mio fratello superuomo,         (Franco Godi),       M-/NM     
SAG 9016: Les vielles lunes                     (Oswald Russell),    M/M 
SAG 9030: Waterloo                              (Nino Rota),         EX+/M-   
Please note: of all the listed items I have only one spare copy available; wants-lists welcomed (trade preferred!). WANTED: SAG 9032: Quando le donne avevano la coda (Ennio Morricone), MT cover!

L'occhio selvaggio  Cam SAG 9001  1967/06  Marchetti 
L'uomo l'orgoglio la vendetta  Cam SAG 9002  1968/01  Rustichelli 
Operazione San Pietro (F/O)  Cam SAG 9003  1968/05  Cipriani 
The Belle Starr Story (half LP)  Cam SAG 9004  1968/09  Dumont 
Un uomo un cavallao un pistola (half LP)  Cam SAG 9004  1968/09  Cipriani 
Rainbow  Cam SAG 9005  1968/10  Romitelli 
Corri uomo corri  Cam SAG 9006  1969/05  Nicolai 
El ""Che"" Guevara  Cam SAG 9007  1968/12  Fidenco 
The penthouse  Cam SAG 9008  196x/x  Hawksworth 
VIP - mio fratello superuomo  Cam SAG 9009  1968/11  Godi 
Galileo (2/3 LP)  Cam SAG 9010  1968/10  Morricone 
Partner (1/3 LP)  Cam SAG 9010  1968/10  Morricone 
Il magnifico Tony Carrera  Cam SAG 9011  1969/02  Marchetti 
Il killer  Cam SAG 9012  1969/02  Ferrio 
Top sensation (half LP)  Cam SAG 9013  1969/05  Romitelli 
L'altra faccia del Peccato (half LP)  Cam SAG 9013  1969/05  Romitelli 
L'amore questo sconosciuto (half LP)  Cam SAG 9014  1969/x  Winkell 
Lesbo (half LP)  Cam SAG 9014  1969/x  DeMasi 
Quel negozio di Piazza Navona  Cam SAG 9015  1969/05  Ortolani 
Les vielles lunes  Cam SAG 9016  1969/x  Russell 
Femina ridens  Cam SAG 9017  1969/06  Ciprinai 
Emmanuelle  Cam SAG 9018  1969/06  Ferrio 
Colpo di stato  Cam SAG 9019  1969/07  Marchetti 
Gli angeli del 2.000  Cam SAG 9020  1969/11  Molino 
Perversion Story  Cam SAG 9021  1969/09  Ferrio 
Simon Bolivar  Cam SAG 9022  1969/10  Savina 
Vivi o preferibilmente morti  Cam SAG 9023  1969/10  Ferrio 
Il diario segreto di una minorenne (half LP)  Cam SAG 9024  1969/x  Marchetti 
Vita segreta di una diciotenne (half LP)  Cam SAG 9024  1969/x  Marchetti 
Atti degli Apostoli (F/O)  Cam SAG 9025  1969/x  Nascimbene 
Sette mari  Cam SAG 9026  1969/11  Calise 
Amore nel pacifico  Cam SAG 9027  196  Santos 
Colpo di mano  Cam SAG 9028  1969/12  Marchetti 
Candy e il suo pazzo mondo  Cam SAG 9029  1970/11  Grusin 
Waterloo  Cam SAG 9030  1970/10  Rota 
Anonimo Veneziano  Cam SAG 9031  1970/x  Cipriani 
Quando le donne avevano la coda  Cam SAG 9032  1970/x  Morricone 
Nini Tirabuscio - la donna che invento' la mossa  Cam SAG 9033  1970/11  Rustichelli 
Concerto per una pistola solista  Cam SAG 9034  1970/12  DeMasi 
Incontro  Cam SAG 9036  197  Morricone 
Rugantino  Cam SAG 9039  1972/04  Trovajoli 
La meravigliosa favola di Biancaneve  Cam SAG 9042  197  Mazzucca 
La meravigliosa favola di Biancaneve - back cover         
Antla (sampler)  Cam SAG 9043  1972/05  Cipriani 
Il giorno del furore  Cam SAG 9047  1973/01  Ortolani 
Men of the sea (F/O) (TV)  Cam SAG 9051  197x/xx  Patucchi 
Il viaggio  Cam SAG 9057  197  De Sica 
Garibaldi  Cam SAG 9058  197  Rustichelli 
Alla scoperta del mare  Cam SAG 9064  197  Patucchi 
Pericolo negli abissi  SAG 9084  197x  Liberati 
Tentacoli  SAG 90xx  197x  Cipriani 

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