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La serie C.A.M. MAG 10.000

Italian Version

1966 was the end for the 2nd C.A.M. soundtrack-LP-series, the CDR.-series, as the label had decided to start a new series ... well, in fact they did NOT start ONE new series, BUT TWO: 1967 was the year that brought the soundtrack-collector of the 1960ies (and there were already a handful of them!) the C.A.M. MAG 10.000-series and the C.A.M. SAG 9000-series. Why C.A.M. decided on the 10.000 and the 9000-prefix is one of the many mysteries sourrounding LPs from this label, but ultimately irrelevant (maybe it simply sounded good to somebody at C.A.M.).

However, it is obvious why one series started with "M" and the other one with "S": All the recordings in the MAG-series are in clear and crisp Mono, whereas all the recordings in the SAG-series are in Stereo. Although being common in the USA at this time to issue mono and stereo recordings of most vinyls simultanously (something also done for example in France by the Barclay-label as far as their LP-recordings are concerned), C.A.M. decided to do it either this or that way: some scores were only issued in mono and others "only" in stereo, depending in which series they would be released (or maybe it was way round: the ones they had mixed in stereo were released in the SAG-series, the others went to MAG ?). In any case, there is no destinctive pattern to be seen regarding the decision, which composer/recording/genre would see its soundtrack release in the MAG and which one in the SAG-series.

The pressing quality of both series enjoyed the usual, now common TOP-standard and the recording techniques of the mono-series ensured the usual fresh sound that could not have been better for anybody attending the studio sessions. The stereo-recordings had some flaw here and there (regarding the loudness level and its origin from the different speakers), but were overall definitly not worse-sounding than stereo-releases issued in other countries at that time.

The covers, especially in the MAG-series, are simply stunning! Bright colours, great collages and always top printing on strong paper and then being glossily laminated. If only handled with a minimum of care, they still look as if manufactured just a few months or weeks ago! The lamination prohibited ring-wear and also made other wear and tear very unlikely.

The print run now had also left the usual 500 copies of the Cms.- and the CDR.-series and was now 1000 copies as the commercial potential of these recordings had been realized. They did receive the commercial distribution that was considered "normal" at that time, meaning through leading record stores and specialized outlets, but only within Italy (unless somebody had the knowledge and took the "troubles" to order them from abroad ..., which only started in the later 70ies on a larger scale, when a few outlets started to mail "soundtrack sales-lists")! Also worth mentioning is that C.A.M. had meanwhile learned how to count (smile) and no #s were left void! C.A.M. issued a total of 24 LPs in the C.A.M MAG-series, which lasted until early 1970, when the mono-format was not state of the art anymore.

Please note that some of the later releases do contain 2 scores (one on side A, one on side B), which is also true for some early LPs in the SAG-series! All these issues are accompanied by two different "front" covers, with the track list and running times only to be found on the labels of each side!

Please also note a fact worth mentioning regarding the recordings release dates: These waxings were NOT released in subsequent order! For the first time C.A.M. decided to print the release date on most of the recordings covers and by checking the release dates vice versa their catalogue numbers some "incoherencies" do become apparent (for example, # 2 - the actual start of the series - was released before # 1, # 4 before # 3, # 6 was actually the 2nd item released in this series!, ...). This might help in sheding a little light into the void #s in the first two series: Maybe these #s were sort of "reserved" for later recordings, planned to be issued with these #s, but ultimately cancelled and not replaced by other recordings ...? But: why so many? And: there´s still no distinctive composer- and/or genre-pattern in either the Cms.- or the CDR.-series, which would provide a clue for the "reservation reason" ...So, still no satisfactory answer to this "mystery" ...

The following pages document the COMPLETE MAG-10.000-series. Of the ones containing 2 scores both covers (front & back) are reproduced in all their glory! Please enjoy these beauties and have fun! If you have any questions, that have been left unanswered (and I am sure there are some ...), please do not hesitate to drop me a line e-mail! I answer all questions as fast as possible. The same goes of course, if you have any info available!

For AVAILABLE items (visually graded: cover/record; play-graded upon request), please check the TRDE/SALE-section! Wants-lists ar welcomed.

Rugantino  Cam MAG 10.001  1968/01  Trovajoli 
Muori lentamente ... te la godi di piú  Cam MAG 10002  1967/09  Marchetti 
Mondo Cane  Cam MAG 10.003  1968/05  Ortolani 
Otto e mezzo  Cam MAG 10.004  1968/01  Rota 
Il momento della verita  Cam MAG 10.005  1968/09  Piccioni 
La cintura di castità  Cam MAG 10.006  1967/11  Ortolani 
Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane  Cam MAG 10.007  1968/x  DeMasi 
I dolci vizi ... della casta Susanna  Cam MAG 10.008  1968/03  Ferrio 
Sentenza di morte  Cam MAG 10.009  1968/03  Ferrio 
Escalation  Cam MAG 10.010  1968/03  Morricone 
Il dolce corpo di Deborah  Cam MAG 10.011  1968/05  Orlandi 
Quella sporca storia nel west  Cam MAG 10.012  1968/05  DeMasi 
Col cuore in gola/I 7 fratelli cervi/Il giorno della civetta  Cam MAG 10.013  1968/05  Trovajoli 
Comandamenti per un gangster  Cam MAG 10.014  1968/06  Morricone 
John il bastardo  Cam MAG 10.015  1968/07  Fidenco 
Lo voglio morto/Uno di piu' all'inferno/All'ultimo sangue  Cam MAG 10.016  1968/10  Fidenco 
Sette uomini e un cervello  Cam MAG 10.017  1969/02  Rustichelli 
Scacco internazionale  Cam MAG 10.017  1969/02  Rustichelli 
Joe! Cercati un posto per morire  Cam MAG 10.018  1969/x  Ferrio 
Joko invoca dio ... e muori  Cam MAG 10.018  1969/x  Savina 
Susanna ... ed il suoi dolci vizi alla corte del re  Cam MAG 10.019  1969/01  Ferrio 
Stuntman  Cam MAG 10.020  1969/01  Rustichelli 
Sette baschi rossi  Cam MAG 10.021  1969/x  Marchetti 
I vigliacchi non pregano  Cam MAG 10.021  1969/x  Marchetti 
Il suo nome gridava vendetta  Cam MAG 10.022  1969/x  Poitevin 
L'odio e il mio dio  Cam MAG 10.022  1969/x  Pippo 
Dead end  Cam MAG 10.023  1969/7  Carnini 
Quel maledetto ponte sull'Elba  Cam MAG 10.023  1969/7  Lacerenza 
Andrea Doria '74  Cam MAG 10.024  1969/8  Ortolani 

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